Instant Housing by Winfried Baumann UP012

Mobile society, mobile housing – the housing system Instant Housing is directed towards the special situation and needs of each of its users. There are various versions of Instant Housing for the differing climatic conditions of distinct locations as well as variable possibilities for mobility. The basic model of each construction series, reduced to the essentials, serves as a place to sleep.

It can be modified according to the occupant’s particular situation by means of individual additional fittings, e.g. with a network connection and self-sufficient energy supply, painting in diverse colours, with a double bed, or as a family or even luxury version. Instant Housing offers a place to stay for people, who – above all – are the victims of diverse social changes; but it also helps modern working nomads, for example, who are expected to show permanent spatial and temporal flexibility due to their jobs.

Despite its suitability in an everyday context, the housing space for urban nomads also constitutes an art space; its sculptural-functional character draws attention to changes in our post-modern, mobile society. What do a roof over one’s head, shelter, home, housing and living mean today, and what will they mean in the future?