Beirut explosions UP020

On August 4, 2020 two massive explosions erupted in the port of Beirut, Lebanon, destroying homes, businesses, and full city blocks and injuring thousands. So far, 300000 people are now homeless, 5000 have been injured and 135 people have died. As more people are being reported missing and buildings keep collapsing, these numbers will likely keep increasing.

A state of emergency has been declared and the army will be taking over the city for two weeks. Beyond loss of life and massive wreckage to the city, this explosion has severe consequences for the livelihood of the entire country. Up to 80% of the country's food needs are imported in any given year while the port of Beirut handles 60% of all Lebanon imports.

With the destruction of the port, access to food, basic necessities, and medical supplies is now close to none. Everyone must play a part by holding the Lebanese government accountable, sharing accurate information and donating wherever you can.