MycoSymbiotics UP035

MycoSymbiotics is a Mushroom Research and Production Business based out of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania on a mission to better local ecology and community through the use of Fungi. Since 2015 MycoSymbiotics has kept its focus on collecting native Pennsylvania strains of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms from the wild to study in controlled environments.

Founder of MycoSymbiotics, William Padilla-Brown is a social entrepreneur, mycologist, urban shaman, writer, you-tube vlogger, contributing editor for Fungi mag, researcher and poet. Padilla-Brown is opening up the world of foraging to a whole new audience — his company focuses on getting people what they need to start cultivating at home.

Also, the young entrepreneur penned The Cordyceps Cultivation Handbook, the first of its kind in the English language. More recently, he has turned his attention toward cultivating spirulina algae, the benefits of which he could expound upon endlessly.