Gary Bencheghib UP044

Gary Bencheghib is an activist and filmmaker creating global impact with his organization Make a Change World. They focus on getting plastic pollution on front-page-news and getting the world to know about the urgency to act now. Gary and his team have been cleaning up the worlds most polluted rivers from the Mississippi to the Citarum in Indonesia.

The French national founded Make a Change Bali when he was a teenager, to organize beach clean-ups on the island where he was raised from the age of 9. Bencheghib’s initiative subsequently grew into Make a Change World, a vehicle for positive messages of change.

“For the past 10 years, we have grown our operations to become a full-time media outlet and environmental organization. Our Make A Change videos have garnered over 600 million views across social media and our projects have included running across the US with up-cycled plastic shoes to traveling down the world’s most polluted river on plastic-bottle-kayaks, which inspired Indonesia’s biggest mass clean up”.