Supertrash UP055

Supertrash is a family-run New Zealand-based refuse collection service that helps to divert waste from landfill by employing circular solutions; these are typically recycling, reusing or repurposing. Although small they have big ambitions and are innovative and disruptive in their approach and ideology. Since 2012 Supertrash has diverted almost 6m kg of waste away from landfill. It is a challenge posed to and question asked of the incentives corporate firms have to build revenue streams largely around burying rubbish.

Back in 2009, Steve Rickerby was working at an insurance company in Auckland. They were separating waste in to organics, recycling and general waste but the organic waste was just heading to landfill with the rubbish. Steve decided to solve that problem and launched We Compost collections with one bin of coffee grinds on the back of his ute. Turns out he was much better at picking up bins than he was at selling insurance and he has never looked back. Today Supertrash helps each month their customers divert over 200,000 kgs of Aucklands waste from landfill.

Built around the strategic positioning statement (and visible strapline) “Turning trash around” design studio Seachange developed a visual identity around the youthful, innovative and energetic disruption of what they describe as a tired and disingenuous industry. This is achieved through a striking palette of white, fluorescent pink and black, the tall condensed letters of Commercial Type’s Druk, an explosive graphic device and spherical spinning logo. These are applied across and link tote bags, lorry livery, business cards, mailers and website.