Evelyn Roth UP059

Evelyn Roth (born December 27, 1936) is a self-taught community and interdisciplinary artist who has worked in the areas of textiles, sculpture, performance, dance, and interactive fabric arts. She specializes in environmentally sensitive events, family festivals, school programs, and art gallery exhibits.

Born in Mundare, Alberta, Roth moved to Edmonton, Alberta in the 1950s where she took classes in art, crafts, modern, eastern and classical dance. She also took yoga and fencing classes while working in the local children’s library. When Roth moved to Vancouver in 1961, she joined Intermedia where she became a part of the international art scene at the time focusing on art and technology, wearable art, and video art.

During the 1970s Roth focused her practice on knitting and crocheting with recycled materials including videotape and natural fibres. She created wearable art, textile installations, and furnishings and wrote a book about her work called The Recycling Book published in 1974 by Talonbooks.