Design for Emergent Futures (MDEF) UP067

The Master in Design for Emergent Futures (MDEF) is organised by IAAC – Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, in collaboration with Fab Lab Barcelona and the Fab Academy.

MDEF is a multidisciplinary course which focuses on turning ideas into prototypes, platforms, actions and interventions to transform the current state of society. On analysis of the current global state of affairs and societal challenges, students are encouraged to produce platforms, products and deployments that aim to respond to emergent futures. The method is to propose small-scale interventions to approach large-scale challenges, in order to dissolve wicked problems, instead of solving them with single moonshot solutions.

The Master has four stages: Exploration, Instrumentation, Reflection and Application. These four steps provide designers with the strategic vision and tools to work at multiple scales in the real world. The theoretical and practical content in the program recognises and explores the possibilities of disruptive technologies: digital fabrication, blockchain, synthetic biology, Artificial Intelligence and others.