StayTheF***Home Desk UP074

Due to the current pandemic, much of the world has been forced to work from home in hopes of preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. To aid in that work transition, Danish startup Stykka designed a temporary cardboard workstation they hope will keep you at home. Made from FSC certified recycled cardboard, the StayTheF***Home Desk is a flat-pack design making it easy to ship, it’s affordable ($85), and most importantly, it’s recyclable when you’re done with it.

Stykka is a Danish brand that has set out on a journey to digitalise the way we design, manufacture, and buy furniture. Stykka has utilised the newest technology to create a digital manufacturing platform that allows them to bring high-quality designs composed of responsible materials directly from their factory to the consumer, lowering the price and avoiding overproduction—no waste, no stock, no nonsense.