Deep Forest Foundation UP092

The Deep Forest Foundation was founded in 2017 to provide philanthropic assistance to indigenous people throughout the world with the aim of strengthening their communities, preserving their traditions and protecting their native lands. DFF is championing indigenous peoples and their way of life as the last remnant of a truly sustainable human culture, one defined by a profoundly harmonious relationship with nature.

The practical objectives of the DFF are to foster the development of strong, self-determining indigenous communities and encourage the preservation of traditional practices and the protection of their lands. DFF aims to listen to indigenous communities to understand, directly from them, how best their philanthropic work can be of help.


- Financing the installation of renewable energy and clean water systems;
- Funding the construction of essential community buildings and infrastructure;
- Collaborating on selected research programs in the field of environmental science;
- Promoting and sponsoring culturally relevant educational program;
- Producing films and other audio visual content, publishing books and other printed matter;
- Organising international events and curating exhibitions to showcase cultural and social projects;
- Providing indigenous communities where needed with international representation.