UP094 is a visual organization tool, community and creative research platform founded by Charles Broskoski, Daniel Pianetti, Chris Barley, and Chris Sherron. was built as a successor to hypertext projects like Ted Nelson's Xanadu, and as an ad-free alternative to social networks like Facebook, forgoing "likes," "favorites," or "shares" in its design. allows users to compile uploaded and web-clipped "blocks" into different "channels," and has been described as a "vehicle for conscious Internet browsing," "playlists, but for ideas," and a "toolkit for assembling new worlds." is an antidote to the kind of information overload that makes creative thinking difficult on the web. It combines the mind-meld of social media with the focus of a productivity tool - without the addictive notifications, distractions, or arguments of either one. is a more mindful space where you can work through any project over time. It's a place to structure your ideas and build new forms of knowledge together.