Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 82 Commandments UP111

The 82 Commandments of Alejandro Jodorowsky:

1. Fix your attention on yourself, be aware in each instant of what you think, feel, desire, and do
2. Always finish what you start
3. Do what you are doing, as best as possible
4. Do not attach yourself to anything that will destroy you in the long run
5. Develop your generosity, without witnesses
6. Treat each person as if they were a close relative
7. Bring order to what you have disordered
8. Learn to receive, and thank each blessing
9. Stop defining yourself
10. Do not lie, nor steal. If you do, you lie and steal from yourself
11. Help others without making them dependent
12. Do not wish to be imitated
13. Make plans for work, and follow through
14. Do not take up too much space
15. Do not make unnecessary noises or gestures
16. If you don’t already have it, imitate faith
17. Do not be impressed with strong personalities
18. Do not rule over anyone or anything
19. Share equally
20. Do not seduce
21. Eat and sleep what is strictly necessary
22. Do not speak about your personal problems
23. Do not judge nor criticize when you do not know the majority of the facts
24. Do not create useless friendships
25. Do not follow trends
26. Do not sell yourself
27. Honor the contracts you have signed
28. Be punctual
29. Do not be envious of the goods or successes of others
30. Speak only what is necessary
31. Think not of the benefits that will come from your works
32. Never threaten
33. Keep your promises
34. In any discussion, put yourself in the other’s place
35. Admit there is always someone better
36. Do not eliminate, but transform
37. Conquer your fears, each one of them is a camouflaged desire
38. Help others help themselves
39. Defeat your aversions and get closer to people you wish to reject
40. Do not react to whatever good or bad that people speak of you
41. Transform your pride into dignity
42. Transform your anger into creativity
43. Transform your greed into respect for beauty
44. Transform your envy into admiration for the values of others
45. Transform your hate into charity (love)
46. Neither praise nor insult yourself
47. Treat what does not belong to you, as if it belonged to you
48. Do not complain
49. Unfold your imagination
50. Do not give orders for the pleasure of being obeyed
51. Pay for the services you are given
52. Do not make propaganda of your acts or ideas
53. Do not attempt to make others feel pity, admiration, sympathy, or suggestion towards you
54. Do not attempt to distinguish yourself through your appearance
55. Never contradict, only be silent
56. Do not indebt yourself, attain and pay up
57. If you offend someone, ask forgiveness. If you offend publicly, ask forgiveness in public
58. If you discover you have said wrongly, do not insist through pride on that error, and immediately stop what you propose
59. Do not defend your old ideas just because it was you who announced them
60. Do not hold on to useless objects
61. Do not adorn yourself with foreign ideas
62. Do not take pictures with famous people
63. Be your own judge
64. Never define yourself by what you possess
65. Never speak about yourself without admitting the possibility of changing
66. Accept that nothing is yours
67. When someone asks for your opinion on someone or something, only give their qualities
68. When you are ill, instead of condemning the ill, consider it your teacher
69. Never look with slyness, look clearly
70. Never forget the dead, but grant them a limited space that prevents them from invading your life
71. In the place where you live, always reserve a space for the sacred
72. When you provide a service, do not exalt your efforts
73. If you decide to work for others, do it with pleasure
74. If you can’t decide between doing and not doing, take a risk and do
75. Do not try to be everything for your partner, let them seek in others what you cannot give them
76. When someone has an audience, do not try to contradict them and rob their audience
77. Live with money that you earned
78. Do not boast of romantic affairs
79. Do not boast of your weaknesses
80. Never visit someone just to use up time
81. Attain so you can share
82. If you are meditating and a devil appears, make him meditate