Wood*ing  UP118

Wood*ing - wild food lab is a laboratory for research and experimentation into the use of wild food for human nutrition. They study, collect, catalog, analyze, and experiment with wild plants or parts of them that are considered edible and suitable for human use, their use, the processing of products, and their preservation. Wild food, available in our ecosystems, is an important existing food and cultural resource with almost zero impact on the planet.

Wood*ing, founded in 2010 by Valeria Margherita Mosca, is the first and only food lab in the world working exclusively with wild food. Their work is made up of 60% research, which then flows into various channels including training, both professional with the first international foraging academy and amateur with courses in wild cooking, foraging, food preservation and fermentation, a professional consultancy in the food and cosmetics sector, and popular tasting activities linked to both gastronomy and blending.