Kalk AP by CAKE UP141

Kalk AP (Anti-Poaching) is an electric off-road motorbike based on the original Kalk platform, developed and modified between rangers and the CAKE product team, for anti-poaching purposes.

The bush bike was created through a partnership with the Southern African Wildlife College and solar power solutions company Goal Zero, with the goal of protecting endangered species from poaching. Motorbikes are commonly used to fight poaching, but loud engines warn poachers from miles away. Also, gasoline isn't always readily available in remote locations and obviously isn't the greenest fuel, either. Nearly silent, the Kalk AP will be able to operate stealthily and can be recharged using an off-grid solar panel and power station kit developed by Goal Zero.

CAKE's Kalk AP project will be partially funded through a buy-one-give-one scheme: a limited edition of 50 bikes are being offered for sale to consumers. For EUR 25K, the buyer gets one bike, and a second bike plus a solar charging kit are donated to the Southern African Wildlife College.