Remember to Remember UP180

‘Remember To Remember’ is a celestial, emboldening downtempo cut. Beginning with the timeless line, ‘Pass the information, extend the knowledge…’ Rick dives into a spoken word stream of inspirational black artists and key figures whose most memorable words and song titles are framed into snippets of wisdom that get ever more significant the greater in number they become. A powerful monologue, in Rick’s warm reassuring tones, shining a light on those men and women who have made ‘strong contributions to mankind because of their compassion and humanitarianism, laid over instrumentation you lose yourself in just as easily.

Pass the information
Extend the knowledge
John Coltrane said — A Love Supreme
I interpret that to, All Living Things
Donny Hathaway said — The Ghetto
Woody Shaw said — Why?
John F. Kennedy said — Ask not what your country can do for you,
ask what you can do for your country

Pass the information
Extend the knowledge

Martin Luther King said — I have a dream
Stevie Wonder said — Innervisions, interpretation, watch with your ears
Aretha Franklin said — Respect
Barry White said — Love
Nina Simone said — To be young, gifted, and black
James Brown said — Stay in school
Cannonball Adderley said — Sometimes, we are not prepared for adversity, mercy, mercy, mercy
Oliver Nelson said — Stolen moments
Isley Brothers said — Harvest for the world

I know there can be better days

Pass the information
Extend the knowledge

Roger Franklin said — You’ll never know
Hubert Law said — Say it with silence
Ashley Wilson said — Guess who I saw today
Earth, Wind and Fire said — Keep your head to the sky
I know there is a force far wiser than I
The creator has a master plan
From the pen of Leon Thomas and Pharaoh Sanders
Alex Haley said — Roots
Gerald Wilson said — You better believe it
Charlie Parker said — Now's the time, wake up!
Billie Holiday said — God bless the child
LTD said — Love, togetherness, and devotion
Bobby Bland — Soon as the weather breaks
Sam Cooke said — You Send Me
Roy Ayers said — Believe in yourself
Gil Scott Heron said — Winter in America
Hugh Masekela said — Grazing in the grass
Richard Pryor said — How long?

How long will it take for us to become one?
How long will it take for us to become unified?
How long will it take us to understand the meaning of understanding?
How long will it take us to do what we have to do that’s most important?
How long will it take our priorities to oversee?
How long is how long it will take us.
We must see beyond the eyes.
Focus in on the soul. Love.

Wake up! See beyond the eyes
Remember the past, and begin with the future

Malcolm X - Muhammad Ali - Marcus
Rick Holmes - Miriam Makeba - Richard Pryor
Adam Clayton Powell - Martin Luther King - Elijah Muhammad
W. E. B. Du Bois - Frederick Douglas - Nat Turner
Tom Bradley - Barbara Jordan - Shirley Chisholm
Ron Dellums - Andrew Young - Anwar Sadat
Clara Holmes - George Washington Carver - Cesar Chavez
Sidney Poitier - Count Basie - Duke Ellington
Fats Domino - Art Tatum - Fats Waller
Bill Robinson - Eric Dolphy - Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Paul Rogan - Stevie Wonder- Minnie Riperton - Louis Armstrong


All of these people, and more,
have made strong contributions to mankind.
Because of their compassion and humanitarianism,
even with their self identification based around love and unity, peace,
these men are now profound and prolific.
Factor that.

These men and women have made their great contributions to mankind.
We are to pass it on for the next generation
We shall never forget

Remember to remember to never forget
How long? How long? How long is how long
How long will it take? How long will it take, man?
How long will it take for us to come together?
It’ll take us as long as you make it

May I prolong your life?
Life for you to live and to give, as generations do?