Audio Arts UP194

Audio Arts was a British sound magazine published on audio cassettes, documenting contemporary artistic activity via artist or curator interviews, sound performances, or sound art by artists.

The project was launched in 1973 by Barry Barker and British sculptor William Furlong, born in 1944 in Woking, Great Britain. From 1973 to 2006, Audio Arts published 25 volumes of 4 issues of the Audio Arts Cassettes (later releasing LPs and CDs as well). Furlong conducted all interviews until 1996 when Jean Wainwright took the baton as the interviewer. Each interview starts with “I am here with...”, stating the artist's name and recording location. Interviewees include Andy Warhol, Anish Kapoor, Joseph Beuys, Gilbert & George, Yoko Ono, R. Buckminster Fuller, Hermann Nitsch, Mario Merz, Gerhard Richter, Nam June Paik, as well as an interview with WB Yeats' daughter and readings by Yeats himself (in Vol.1 Issue #4, 1974).

Audio Arts digitised and published on the Tate website︎︎︎