Wrang-wrang UP212

Kurt Vonnegut, in his masterpiece Cat’s Cradle, introduces us to the figure of the "wrang-wrang", i.e. the one who, arousing in us an atavistic and irrational antipathy, despite himself pushes us towards the opposite of what he would like to propose.

The wrang-wrang that Vonnegut tells us is a "nihilist poet" who would like to convince the protagonist of the absolute truth of nihilism: to do this he destroys the apartment (kindly granted as accommodation), covers the walls with shit, destroys the refrigerator and furniture and leaves incomprehensible post-it scattered around the room. Although this persuasive act was meant to push the protagonist of "Ice-Nine" towards nihilism and the truth of existential nonsense, he feels, on the contrary, pushed towards the other side and feels a total refusal towards nihilism.