Venezia Calcio FC Jersey UP253

The club has realized a new kit that ties the football team to the city like never before. The launch has a deep meaning: the reconnection of the Venetian people to the city and sustainable development of the territory.

For the first and second jersey, in addition to the classic palette, they embellish them with some unique details: there is a texture that recalls the surfaces of the facades of the ancient Venetian palaces; there are also some golden elements inspired by monuments, churches and palaces of the city, which also evoke the historical significance that this color has in the art and tradition of the Serenissima. For the first kit, golden are also the stars of the Basilica of San Marco, arranged in a "V" with the inscription "Venezia" placed on the chest to celebrate the city.

The third jersey is blue, a color that recalls the water of the Lagoon. The other elements, in perfect harmony with each other, recall the historical symbols of the club: the social colors orange, black and green find space in the center of the kit, with three diagonal "brushstrokes"; the writing "Venezia" is located just above these three stripes and is gold, the same as the inserts on the classic collar.

The design of the uniform is the result of a partnership with the NGO We are here Venice, which has as its objective the sustainable development of the Venetian city, one of the most famous in the world, starting from its lagoon. Everything stems from the idea that the city and the lagoon represent a combination of inseparable elements, as well as parts of a single system.