UNDERPROSPECTIVE is a growing digital space underlying contemporary culture and that discusses future changes.
An ever evolving platform that explores the dualistic nature of the universe and challenges traditional belief systems to give emphasis to a sustainable future. It doesn’t pretend to have all the answers, instead focuses on asking the right questions.


Giacomo Felace launched UNDERPROSPECTIVE in 2020 to achieve his objectives:

the creative community enhancing their work and empowering meaningful connections;

culture which responds to our times and acts as a catalyst for positive change;

to help people learn how to do more with less and celebrate collective values and systems.


How far is the distance between us? We aim to be an incubator of ideas in a constant state of flux, a crossroad for individual and collective histories.

This digital canvas provides the perfect setting for people to explore culture, technology and globalism, as well as insights and analysis regarding emergent offline and online ecosystems.

UNDERPROSPECTIVE functions as an evolution and access device. With it, the user should know better what is worth getting and where and how to do the getting.

A content is listed in UNDERPROSPECTIVE if it is deemed:
[1] Useful as a tool;
[2] Relevant to independent education;
[3] High quality or low cost;
[4] Physical, creative, emotional and intellectually inspiring.


We spend time curating this feed and we are not fan of advertising or sponsorship. This is how you can help:

Join us in our mission to inspire each other to take care of ourselves and the planet.

HELP US GROW We welcome people and organizations that want collaborate and help us navigate the next level.

BUY US A COFFEE If you want keep us awake, you can donate something here.

Stop yourself in your track, just like we are stopping the noise, by engaging people in a deeper and more meaningful way.


For press enquiries or collaborations please email giacomo.felace@gmail.com


Giacomo Felace

You’ve reached the end of this page. If you have been here before, you may notice things shifting. We are working on our digital space. In fact, we may be working at this very moment, just as you are reading these tasty words. Things of value take time to grow, and their living evolution can be an integral part of their beauty. When is something finished, anyway?

© 2020 Under Prospective is ad-free and published by Giacomo Felace. We stand at a crossroads, you, me and everyone on earth. There are no followers here. No us and them. Only we. We who search for the next. New favorites. Ideas. Possibilities.